Our Ethos

The Banyan tree is one of the 10 most magnificent trees in the world, with its majestic and aerial roots running deep into the ground. Among the various species of the Banyan Tree, the BoTree (the sacred fig tree) is the most iconic of them all.

BoTree International is named after the said tree, representing a business that is firmly rooted to the ground, having an intellectual and in-depth approach to the way we conduct business, weathering market volatility with dignity and agility thus building an enduring firm which has come to represent quality.

Who We Are

Bespoke executive search specialists offering fully customized strategies with global reach in the financial services sector. Our clients engage our services for executive hires across the region:


Local and cross border searches within Asia Pacific (including Japan and Australia)


Global searches to access talent for Asia-based opportunities 

Our boutique setup offers both clients and candidates an engaging and personal experience in their business dealings with us.